This is the beginning of something great...

...Assuming I actually decide to dedicate time to this.

If you're reading this and you're not me, I have no idea how you found this page. Here's all that is planned for my website currently:

Site outline:

  • My name's Klip. I play videogames and review them on occasion. I have very little knowledge of HTML and CSS, but here we go regardless. You can partially thank kpwu for helping me set all of this up. The site layout was blatantly stolen from Sadness.

  • My site will feature complete game reviews, the ones initially written on my private Google Docs. Steam reviews are limited to 8k characters, forcing me to shorten them; in turn, I don't get to say everything I want to say about a game, for the better or worse. I usually only review games after having finished them, and with at least a 70% completion rate.

  • Each review will have its own page, where it will have a custom header, background, color palette, mouse cursor, gifs showcasing it, and an outline documenting my progress - with external links to my stats and short version of the review on Steam. It will also note when it was written and posted originally.

  • There will be a main hub page linking to each review. Those links will have the game's title art as their header. Scrolling between reviews should be possible from within each review page (Next / Previous / Random). For the latter, I might change "Random" to a simple "Recommend me a game" button, which will pick and recommend you a random review from one of my positively rated games.
  • If you're still reading this and made it this far, I appreciate it. Consider following me on NeoCities; I will continue adding to the site on weekends as I work full time during workdays and have no time to mess with the markup. Cheers!